Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Eccentricity of Asymmetry

Eccentricity of Asymmetry 

There are days when I wake up to find a new freckle or vesicle developing on my forehead. Days of drinking giving me a beer belly. And there are days when I am worried about my asymmetric nose on my oval face. 

These eccentricities, have found a permanent place in my heart, body, and mind. how hard I try to evolve, my soul is just chained to numerous question marks of my objectivity.

I keep scratching my scabs of old wounds, never to realize they recall active bleeds. The more it itches, the more I scratch and the more I bleed.

Recently, I started accepting myself the way I am. The more I accepted myself, the faster I started healing. I am still paranoid about the scars which came up with healing. But I know now, they are not scars, they are signatures of my vulnerability.